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    3 teams with Management and Leading Active Players having 
Taped-out SoC and IP in :

        180nm, 130nm, 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, 28nm, 14nm for :

             - Mobile Phone (CPU, AP)

                 3D Graphics (GPU)

                     Super Computing (HPC)

                         Automotive  (26262)
                             IoT (Low-Power) 

                                 -  Spatial (Rad-Hard) 

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    SoC/IP Digital Physical Implementation


    Very experienced teams capable of handling extremely  complex 

    digital design on target technology Intel, TSMC, ST Samsung , ATMEL, ...

              - CPU (MPCore, ARM Cortex A5, Cortex A32, Atom, Leon)
                     - GPU (Mali, PowerVR Rogue Graphics)                 
                         - Low power (OMAP, ...)
                             - Custom implementation (VGP - Vertex Geometry Processor, ISP, DSP, FPU, L1/L2 Cache, ...)

    Expertise : Best Practice Digital Physical Design and Timing Closure at PPA targets                 

Micron-X SAS
400, Avenue Roumanille
06906 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex


                          Company values

   - Work is Art. No politics, No religion. Peace Rocks. One God... and smiling... Micron-X

   - Flat organisation of technical experts with one lead/coordinator per team... Micron-X

   - Passionate and determined teams with fundamental pillars: positive and strong spirit, respect,
    courage, eXcellence... Micron-X

   - Motivation driven by key values: open and honest relationship, full commitment, customer
    satisfaction, never give up... Micron-X

   - Proven teams having an exceptional track record working together throughout the last
    10 years ...

   - Experts with one lead/coordinator per project - dedicated customer interface... Micron-X 
Secure and Safe Offices at
Green Side village - Nice (Sophia-Antipolis) - France
State-of-the-Art SoC & IP Backend Expertise and Consulting Center
eXcellence engineering
    Very experienced, enthusiast and proactive engineers with 15+ years in Microelectronics R&D.
    Proven track record of taping-out many extremely complex digital designs:

                    - Quality of execution
                            - Quality of results
                                - Schedule

    Knowledge sharing and coaching.
    Excellent ability to work in international and multicultural work environments.
    Located in NICE (France), time-zone is optimal for communications with Americas and Asia on the 
    same day.
    Thanks to our network of experts built over the years, we have access to the best engineers in 
    the field.
28nm TSMC - 625mm2 - 875MHz

Turnkey solution : One Stop Shop

eXcellence engineering
Highly experienced teams having Taped-Out complex SoC for: Intel , Samsung , NXP , Bull , ST , ST-Ericsson , Texas Instruments , Motorola , Nokia , Imagination Technologies , Freescale , Infineon
eXcellence engineering


Micron-X will be in full operation September 2017
eXcellence engineering
eXcellence engineering
eXcellence engineering
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233 Route de Grasse
06600 Antibe
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Les Hall de Carras
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