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                                    Core team

                                                                in progress

    Management and Leading Active Players for
        numerous successful 
Tape-out in :

        180nm, 130nm, 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, 28nm, 14nm for :

             - Mobile Phone


- IoT

Super Computing


- 3D Graphics Applications

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    SoC/IP Digital Physical Implementation

   Very experienced team capable of handling

      extremely complex digital design

- Multicore CPU
                    - GPU
                        - Low power
                            - Custom implementations

    Our expertise: Digital Physical design and timing closure

Micron-X SAS
400, Avenue Roumanille
06906 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex


                        Company values

   - Flat organisation of technical experts with one lead/coordinator... Micron-X

   - Passionate and determined team with fundamental pillars: positive and strong spirit, respect,
    courage, exellence... Micron-X

   - Motivation driven by key values: open and honest relationship, full commitment, customer
    satisfaction, never give up...

   - Proven team having an exceptional track record working together throughout the last
    10 years ...

   - Experts with one lead/coordinator per project - dedicated customer interface... Micron-X

Green Side village - Nice (Sophia-Antipolis) - France
State-of the Art SoC Backend Expertise and Consulting Center
A free-electron compagny
    Very experienced, enthusiast and proactive engineers with 15+ years in Microelectronics R&D.
    Proven track record of taping-out many extremely complex digital designs:

                    - Quality of execution
                            - Quality of results
                                - Schedule

    Knowledge sharing and coaching.
Excellent ability to work in international and multicultural work environments.
Located in NICE (France), time-zone is optimal for communications with Americas and Asia on the same day.
    Thanks to our network of experts built over the years, we have access to the best engineers in the field.
28nm TSMC - 625mm2 - 875MHz
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